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Unforgettable nursing care at Home that you’ll love and can rely on

Get personalised, expert and flexible care for your family today.

At Completecuresolutions we have skilled, passionate professionals.  Our nursing care staff is proud to provide excellent nursing care that has been delivered to hundreds of thousands of patients throughout the New Delhi NCR area from last 5 years. Working together with a patient’s physician the completecuresolution nurses develop a plan of care to meet each individual patient’s needs. By providing clinical care, patient and family education and support; our nurses coordinate a family member’s nursing care program to help patient’s family member become independent in managing their care safely at home.

Examples of what our Completecuresolution nurses can do:

  • Monitor a person’s vital signs, blood pressure, heart rate, medication, and any special diet.
  • Control the impact of acute and chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease as well as help reduce the complications caused by wounds and ostomies.
  • Teach self-care techniques for asthma, diabetes, stroke, heart and respiratory conditions, wounds, ostomies and catheters.

Completecuresolution  Nursing care Services has been serving the Delhi NCR since 2013 in & around Delhi NCR. We provide highly skilled patient, old age, maternity nursing care services delivered to home for the patient at the bedside.

With our team of  attendents, nurses, doctos we deliver the nursing care services with a personalized care.

– Critical condition patient Care 24/7 Qualified I.C.U. trained Nurses Male and Female inside the Nursing Services 24/7

– Qualified Registered Nurses Male and Female

– Senior Care Takers, Male and Female

– Junior Care Takers or Attender Male and Female

  • Doctor Home Visit (Physician & Cardiologist)
  • Injections ( I.V / I.M / SC)
  • Blood Pressure Check
  • Ryle’s Tube Insertion ( Tube Feeding).
  • Wound Care (dressing)
  • Catheterization
  • Nebuliser & E.C.G Chek Up.
  • ECHO Cardiogram & X ray.
  • Laboratory Assisting (Anand Lab)
  • Enema.
  • Home Nursing.
  • Physiotherapy
  • GRBS
  • Tracheostomy Care
  • Ambulance service and Ambulance with Nursing Services.

Why choose Completecuresolution for patient care / old age care at home:

  1. a) Give food to the patients in time.
  2. b) Assist clients with medication under guidance and presence of the patents relatives.
  3. c) Remove urine & stool, if any, on the bed and clothing’s and clean them well.
  4. d) Helping the patient to brush the teeth clean and sponge the body to avoid bed sore.
  5. e) Cleaning the room, and keep the bed and furniture in order in the patient’s room.
  6. f) Try to eliminate loneliness and depression of the patients by nursing them with love, care and affection
  7. g) Provide support to an older person in the activities of daily living
  8. h) Support the older person to meet emotional and psychological needs
  9. i) Support older people to maintain their independence
  10. j) Work effectively with culturally diverse clients.

All necessary help and assistance should be made available by the house in charge to the Completecuresolution male female nurses, attendents enabling them to serve better.

  • Experienced clinical management and staff assigned.

  • All our nurses are trained and certified nurses.

  • Most of our nurses have ICU experience.

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