Physiotherapy Services

Ideally, your home is most convenient place for physiotherapy, where favorable conditions enable your quick recovery. That’s the reason we offer physiotherapy t home that enables your fast resurgence and get back to your groove soon.

What is physiotherapy services at home?

Physiotherapy is the perfect solution for illness like   minimum movement due to arthritis, bone and joint pain, chronic pain .This method of treatment is ideal for neurological illness like paralysis. Such problems really affect your routine life and you end up being fully dependent on your family members or caretakers for everyday needs.

In certain case of resurgence from sports injuries, cramps, minor surgery, cramps and muscle spasms, choosing physiotherapy is an ideal way of getting back to normal quickly. Nevertheless, it is very ideal for patient to look for physiotherapist who can treat you at the comfort of your home and reduce your miseries, restore joint strength and muscle function, enhance movements and balance, and can bring back your normal health quicker.

Basically, physiotherapy is the skill science that involves diagnosing and then treating your illness with physiotherapy technique for the restoration of body parts, empowering mobility at once and reinventing your complete well-being, strength and mobility. Physiotherapy is such healthcare profession that is related to build your natural physical and psychological and social well being considering numerous disparities in health status.

Understanding your requirements, complete cure solutions offer services of highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist at your home to help diagnose, manage and cure your chronic aches that hampers your everyday life in the privacy and safety of your home.

It doesn’t make any difference, if you’re dealing with long term or chronic arthritis or recovering from simple injury, having a skilled physiotherapist t home will surely help restore your body’s movement in your musculoskeletal system. Regime of exercise, healthy lifestyle plan associated with electric stimulation and ultrasound will help you reinstate your natural strength and stamina and will make your everyday life simple and comfortable.

When do you need physiotherapy at home?

Once you have encountered lack of coordination, mobility and experiencing continuous pain

Once you have just recovered from joint replacement surgery.

Once you’re suffering from persistent joint ailment.

Once you’re suffering from sports injury.

Once you’re suffering from neuro-rehabilitation.

Once patient is inconsistence.

You can call physiotherapist at home if pain is occurred due to ligament tear.

Once you re travelling just for physiotherapy, it will further with worsen your pain.

What are the symptoms that suggest that you require physiotherapist at your home itself?

Physiotherapy is not just for those who are suffering from accident, injury or recovery from major surgery. Most of us used to sedentary life styles and even active lifestyle tend to need some kind of physiotherapy to deal with chronic pains. Following is the list of normal symptoms that might need you to look for physiotherapy treatment next to your home or call   physiotherapist at your home to get back to normalcy.

  • A constant pin that is difficult to cure and affects your daily life.
  • An old injury that rises from time to time.
  • Reduced mobility and imbalance leading to change in one’s lifestyle.
  • Continuous pain when you lift something or sit in front of your computer.
  • Reputed urination or inability to manage it.

Why to choose an option of having physiotherapy treatment at home a good idea?

If you want personal attention at home, it is ideal to have a physiotherapist at home in order to recover and rehabilitate in the luxury of your home. You can spend minimum 30 minutes with your physiotherapist to improve your strength, and mobility. You can also void further aggravation of growing pain .Choosing physiotherapy services t home

  • Enhances faster recovery and enables comfort.
  • Removes obstructions.
  • Reduces your treatment cost and valuable time.
  • Offers specialized therapy for major orthopedic surgery.

Who are complete cure solutions’ physiotherapists?

We have hired Physiotherapists’ with B.Ph. with at least 3 years of experience or MPT in musculoskeletal case, pulmonary and neurological conditions with experiences in large hospitals. You will have physiotherapist services at home that will focus on specified issues and bring bout innovations in the treatment. Primarily, most of the physiotherapists organize home visits as it is the vital part of their profile and practice , because the most intricate case are likely to be homebound as sometimes patients are unable to move.

What does complete cure solutions’ therapist at home will help you with

  • Patient medical history evaluation to determine the best course of treatment.
  • An assessment session to diagnose the problem.
  • Use of Modals.
  • Exercise and create routine to address the problem.
  • Arrange variety of motions to help improve balance and mobility.
  • Tracking of recuperation based on suggested scale.
  • Arrangements of customized treatment plan.

Our physiotherapists will have your capacity assessment that includes diet management, exercises and chalk out treatment plan based on general health and your current diet. The exercises include aerobics, stretches, range of motion exercises and strength training powered by modern medical technology like manual traction, IFT and ultrasound.

They will advise the perfect model and assess your medical history. Physiotherapist t home will analyze the recovery based on the devised scale of healing process. Lastly, our physiotherapist will offer you customized treatment methodology with preventive suggestions to improve range of movement, muscle strength, coordination and improve core strength.

What to expect from complete cure solutions’ in –home physiotherapists?


Our skilled physiotherapists will offer you the finest treatment in the luxury of your home to recuperate faster .

  • Within 30 minutes of the session, our expert physiotherapists will assess symptoms, and ask you to describe and measure the problem.
  • A physiotherapist at home will create course of healing with detailed therapeutic exercises and proper treatment based on your musculoskeletal requirements.
  • The treatment process is pretty flexible and will match with your healing progress. The movements and exercises can be modified or improved, depending on how the patient responds to the healing process.
  • Once agreed, our physiotherapists will offer you well designed physical exercises, through the course of your healing process.

In fact, instant relief can be observed in 5 regular sessions of physiotherapy at home. Normally, more healing sessions are required to observe major recovery .Our physiotherapist will inform you about the schedule of your session’s the strategy, intensity and frequency well in advance.

What is the range of our physiotherapy services?


This type of physiotherapy is observed especially after injury and primarily, it improves the different structures round the joints.


This process of physiotherapy t home will help patient recover from neurological injury, especially after  brain stroke or in case of spinal injury. Such process is also helpful in Parkinson’s disease.


If you regularly suffer from injury or lately suffered serious sport based injury, then sports physiotherapy can help you recover from wear and tear in the muscles , joints or bones and will help to prevent future occurrence .


If some patient has gone through surgery recently, this type of physiotherapy will bring back the strength and motion to the operated joints and muscles and will speed up the recuperating process.


Such physiotherapy is carried out for toddlers, infants and young children to reach their cognitive developments at the right time and pace. It also enables them to get the proper balance and grip and walk properly .


This kind of physiotherapy t home is used by elderly patients who regularly suffer from Parkinson’s disease, arthritis or Alzheimer’s disease or joint stiffness.


This kind of physiotherapy is meant for those who are suffering from last stage of cancer disease. You can avail oncology physiotherapy nearby right from the diagnosis to the last stage treatment periodically.


Such kind of physiotherapy t home is meant for patients suffering from Cardio-Pulmonary system such as severe chest infection, asthma, surgery around these areas and even trauma.

What complete cure solutions’ customers are saying?

  • I consulted complete cure solutions for few physiotherapy sessions. I found Dr. Sunil Aggarwal very caring and helping. He suggested me few exercises and recommended lifestyle that really helped me. Sameer Bhargava
  • Complete cure solutions are truly professionals and provided full assistance. Dr. Sunil Aggarwal advised me great exercises that helped me recuperating my torn ligament. Kuldeep Shastri.
  • My husband had a fall and suffered from knee injury. I contacted Dr. Sunil Aggarwal’s complete cure solutions. He advised few sessions and today I am glad that everything fell right in place. Thanks. Complete cure solutions!! Aseem Chkraborty.
  • Sunil Aggarwal is very experienced. After visiting several physiotherapists, I contacted him, he taught few exercises and now I am walking on my foot. I had a severe injury and I hurt my right leg. Thanks to Dr. Sunil Aggarwal!!! Thanks to Complete cure solutions!!! They will really value your money.

What is the method to call complete cure solutions’ physiotherapist at home?

You can either download our mobile App or click button to request physiotherapist at home or you can fill form on our website to call physiotherapist.

You can provide s many details bout the reason of requesting physiotherapist at your home, as it will help us to diagnose your case.

Soon after receiving request from you, our skilled team will connect with you to confirm your requirement and immediately we send qualified physiotherapist at your home s per your requirements. All our physiotherapists will carry their identification to help you realize that you are getting physiotherapy services by qualified and skilled physiotherapist at your home.

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