School Health Services

School Health Services

CCS’ School Health Services Program is one of the important components of Health Care Delivery System, which helps in keeping close watch on the health of school going children. It is an admitted fact that the children are the future of the Nation. If the children are healthy, the Nation is bound to be strong. In the light of these observations, CCS’ school health services are developed for prevention of illness as well as the promotion of health and wellbeing of the students.

PAS’ school health services provide holistic approach towards active HEALTH PREVENTION and ENHANCEMENT of future generation through:

  • Monitoring and Preventive Assessment of all body components involving physical health, oral health, mental health, nutrition, muscular health & fitness.
  • Health Education & Guidance on the correct measures towards healthy living.
  • Reporting & Grading of Examination records & further evaluating health grades.
  • Enhancement of overall health through therapeutic services and boosting immunity.



Apart from above model & services, we are giving all-embracing value added services as well.

  • STAFF WELLNESS & ENHANCEMENT: We will be proving all the services to school staff as well. Staff can visit the doctors for assessment, enhancement and treatment.
  • HEALTH EDUCATION & WORKSHOPS: We will be organizing Health education classes, workshops and awareness camps for students and staff. Health innovative workshops, For example, Healthy breakfast potluck, Chap Chat, Health education on topics like HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B, Family and sex education, Menstrual period, Prevention of Drug abuse, Adolescence, Nutrition and Healthy diet, Positive Attitude, Ayurveda methods to prevention.
  • SPORTS SPECIFIC FITNESS FOR SCHOOL TEAMS: Our Fitness trainers will be working with sports trainers and players for the fitness required per game. Exercise will be designed according to the need of game and sports players.
  • DPMs & FOLLOW UP WITH PARENTS: We plan to have active involvement of parents in health prevention plan through regular meetings with doctors sitting in school premises.
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