Society Health Services

Society Health Services

Today, most of families and people are netted by chronic and intricate ailments due to health ignorance, unawareness, lack of time and direction. Not only this, our health care systems are focuses on cure for diseases not on prevention of diseases.CCS Society Health Services Program is prepared to provide Preventive Healthcare services in your premises to make sure people have access to the most modern Preventive Healthcare by expert’s professionals who will be working round the clock on Active Prevention through:

  • CONSTANT SURVELIEANCE – Regular vitals monitoring,Health, Nutrition & Fitness checkups throughout the year to prevent the initiation of diseases.
  • AWARENESS & HEALTH EDUCATION- Inform, Educate, and Empower People About Health Issues through consultation and Health workshops and Awareness Camps
  • EARLY DETECTION- Timely identification and investigation of health threat to control disease progression and reduce negative impact of symptomatic disease.
  • HEALTH ENHANCEMENT- through preventive & curative therapies and boosting immunity.
  • FREE THERAPEUTIC SERVICES- First aid, emergency care, few procedures, Treatment & Follow up
  • LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION- through Healthy eating, working and sleeping patterns, Fitness, meditation and relaxation techniques.
  • EVALUATION& REPORTING- of Effectiveness and Quality of Health Services through Quarterly summarized reports

Our Healthcare professionals are your first point of contact for all the medical needs that you and your family may have in today’s fast paced life. We focus on bridging the gap between fragmented medical services and highly expensive super-specialist hospital care, by creating a single point of care for your everyday healthcare needs in your premises.Our team is comprised with all the essential specialists required to take care of all important body components like, Physical health, mental health, oral health, muscular health, nutrition and body fitness.

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